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Harmonize Your Beauty: Frequency-Infused Skincare for Radiant Results

Sound frequency has long been known to have a powerful effect on the human body, mind, and spirit. Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto famously demonstrated this through his experiments on the effects of positive and negative words on water crystals. His work showed that positive words and intentions produced beautiful, symmetrical crystals, while negative words […]

Cacao Powder

Cultivation Method Organic from Mexico. Skin Benefits Rich in antioxidants, cocoa powder helps fight free radical damage and reduces the signs of ageing, pigmentation and increases skin elasticity. Rich in vitamin C, magnesium and omega 6 fatty acids for instantly brighter skin. Loaded with tannins and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness and soothe active breakouts. […]

Non-Nano Zinc

Skin Benefits Zinc oxide sits on top of your skin (rather than soaking in, like chemical sunscreens do) and protects by scattering, absorbing, and reflecting the sun’s rays. It can stand alone as a sunscreen because it is truly effective against UVA and UVB rays — this is called a “broad-spectrum blocker.” But zinc oxide […]

Carrot Seed

Cultivation Method Organic from Netherlands. Skin Benefits Carrot seed oil is rich in vitamin A, C and E beneficial for boosting collagen production, creating strong supple skin, stimulating cell regeneration, fighting free radicals and reducing redness, irritation and acne. Helps move energetic blocks, allowing for a free flow of energy and strengthening inner vision. Products […]


Cultivation Method Super Critical Extract – Organic from Somalia. Skin Benefits Frankincense strengthens skin, improves tone, elasticity, and defends against bacteria and blemishes. Balances oil production while tightening skin. Powerful anti-inflammatory action relaxes redness and smooths fine lines, nourishes dry, dull skin. Mood Benefits When inhaled, frankincense oil been shown to reduce heart rate and […]


Cultivation Method Our bees wax is sourced from a local happy hive. Skin Benefits Beeswax forms a protective barrier on the skin’s surface, protecting from environmental irritants and harsh weather. Beeswax is particularly exceptional non-comedogenic (non-pore blocking), allowing the skin to breathe freely. This makes beeswax particularly beneficial for acne-prone and sensitive skin. The protective […]

German Chamomile

Cultivation Method Organic from Germany. Skin Benefits Also called Blue Chamomile, the dark blue hue calms and clears sensitive skin, softens skin texture. Cooling, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties provide powerful healing effects that work wonders. High quantities of soothing sesquiterpenes impart this distillation with a deep oceanic blue color and express compelling cooling and calming […]

Blue Tansy

Cultivation Method Wild harvested from Morocco. Blue Tansy Essential Oil is sometimes known as Moroccan Chamomile or Moroccan Tansy. The true oil can be hard to acquire and is frequently adulterated. Tanacetum annuum is the true blue Tansy. Skin Benefits Supreme skin soother especially for extra sensitive skin. Eczema, dermatitis, rosacea and sun damage can […]


Cultivation Method Organic distilled from fresh (instead of dried) leaves from France. Skin Benefits Calming and cooling peppermint oil naturally cleanses the skin while providing antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Owing to its anti-inflammatory properties, peppermint also soothes irritation and inflammation due to acne. Cooling, soothing, reducing swelling and puffiness, calming sensitive skin. Mood Benefits A […]

Blood Orange

Cultivation Method Organic from Italy. Skin Benefits Reduces inflammation and redness, stimulates the lymph system to aid in eliminating toxins and improving circulation. Supports collagen formation creating soft, smooth, plump skin. Mood Benefits Energizing, brightening and harmonious aroma is used to help lift moods and reduce stress and anxiety. Products Containing Blood Orange