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Bian Gua Sha Stone

Smooth operator

Bian stones are the traditional stone used for gua sha, they have a high ultrasonic pulse frequency.

Chemical analysis shows that there are more than thirty trace elements within the stone. When applied to the skin, the stone gives out ultrasonic impulses, with measurements that are far in excess of other tested materials.

Gua Sha is a wonderful self care tool to increase lymphatic movement, release facial tension and lift and sculpt facial muscles.


Additional information

All Skin Types

Reduces puffiness.
Releases facial tension.
Increases micro-circulation.
Smooths out fine lines.
Lifts and tones facial muscles and features.
Don't use over inflamed skin.


Bian Stone

Daily Ritual

At-home facial gua sha is a traditional Chinese beauty technique that has been used for centuries to promote overall health and wellness. With daily use it will give you a luminous healthy glow.

Start by applying a generous amount of Alchemy or Abundance to clean skin on the face and neck. This will help the gua sha glide smoothly through out your massage.

Hold your gua sha stone at a 15 degree angle. Begin by opening the neck. Start just below your chin and glide down the neck using slow gentle strokes. This opening will give the lymphatic drainage an exit point.

Move to the jaw line starting at the base of the chin and glide up towards you ear. Continue using slow gentle strokes working from the midline of the face out towards the hairline.

Then move to your forehead and glide in an upward motion starting from your eyebrows moving toward the hairline.

Clear your work to finish, with a long stroke starting from the forehead and gliding all the way down the side of the face, down the neck to the collar bone. Repeat 3-5 times.

For treating fine lines, use the comb edge of the stone and gently scrape with quick light strokes in the opposite direction of the line. This will help to break up fascia and muscle tension that are causing of the lines formation.