Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

High Vibe Skincare

Empower your skin with the perfect balance of nourishment and healing, creating an optimal environment for it to flourish and unveil its utmost radiance.

Our Approach

Our thoughtfully crafted formulations aim to effortlessly tackle everyday skincare concerns with simplicity and grace, yielding impactful results while upholding the utmost integrity for both the skin and overall well-being. 

We believe that radiant skin stems from a thriving microbiome, a well-preserved acid mantle, a harmonized pH level, a nourished lipid bilayer, and a smoothly flowing lymphatic system.

Radiant Results

We understand how the skin functions and the environment it needs to thrive. 

Our products are a magical fusion of Biodynamic and organic botanicals combined with the latest innovations in holistic efficacious molecules, with a touch of high-quality essential oils and absolutely nothing else.

Housed in black glass vessels, these products are shielded from light exposure and plastic.

Experience The Healing Frequency

Experience The Healing Frequency

Our Products

We have intentionally created products that raise your vibration in every way imaginable. 

High Vibe elements

Our Ingredients

Chosen for their physical and metaphysical effects, we’ve selected each ingredient with care and consideration.

Eco-Friendly Focus

Beyond skincare efficacy, our commitment extends to our love of mother earth. By opting for waterless and concentrated formulations, that come in larger size options. you are obtaining more out of using less.

We have partnered with One Tree Planted. For every order placed we plant one tree out there in the wilderness.

Founder & Formulator

Summer is a seasoned skincare professional with more than two decades dedicated to the skincare industry.

For the past ten years, she’s owned and operated a holistic facial boutique, focused on healing and restorative treatments.

Driven by an obsession for results rooted in simplicity, purity and nurturing the skin she founded Skin Frequency, a harmonious fusion of clean, potent skincare that cultivates transformational outcomes.

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