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Skincare has been my passion since I was a little
girl, always exploring products and their effects.

For over 20 years, I’ve delved deep into the world of skincare, initially in a medical setting, working with clinical-grade products and treatments. But despite following all the industry rules, my skin
was not happy or healthy and I needed to make a change.

I turned to holistic healing and botanical
skincare. For the past decade, I’ve owned a holistic facial boutique, with a focus on empowering and nurturing treatments and products.

I think about formulating differently from what I see on the market. I read the ingredients and think why do these need to be there? I don't want those on my skin. We have crafted a new era in skincare, where every drop is beautiful and beneficial with no compromising.

Summer Kinsgbury


In a world filled with messages constantly urging women they need more of everything to feel complete our liberated goddess embodies the opposite.  She is free and content.  Knowing that she is beautiful and vibrant just as she is. 

Elevating clean beauty rules

What's left out matters just as much as what's included.

We have compiled a list of common ingredients often found even in green and clean skincare products. It's challenging to identify every product to avoid, given the thousands conventionally used that do not meet our stringent standards at Skin Frequency.

Our advice? Always review the full ingredient list before purchasing or applying products, ensuring you’re comfortable with what you're applying to your skin daily. The skincare industry heavily relies on marketing; don’t be swayed by surface-level appeals and focus instead on every ingredient, as your skin absorbs every drop.