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Skin Care Informed by over 20 years in the Industry

Where Holistic Meets High Performance

After over two decades as a facialist and esthetician, my journey through the realms of spa-grade, pharmaceutical, and medical-grade skincare has led me to a profound realization: true skin health is holistic. This belief is the cornerstone of Skin Frequency, a skincare brand born from a dedication to holistic practices and a commitment to results.

At Skin Frequency, our journey began with a shift towards a holistic lifestyle, carefully selecting every ingredient that touches our skin. Through exploring the extensive spectrum of the industry, I've fused my passion for nature with scientifically-backed, active ingredients to create a skincare line that doesn't just promise, but delivers.

Our Core Philosophy: Heal, Restore, Support, and Pure Ingredients.

Heal and Restore: At the heart of our philosophy is the health of the skin barrier and the microbiome. Our meticulously formulated products focus on strengthening these fundamental aspects, ensuring your skin is resilient and balanced.

Support with Active Ingredients: While embracing holistic health, we also emphasize the importance of results-driven actives. Our products feature high-quality, gentle ingredients like Vitamin C and a retinol alternative to enhance skin health without harsh effects.

Pure Ingredients: We commit to excluding synthetics, gums, surfactants, harsh preservatives, fragrances, and hydrogenated substances—common ingredients in many skincare products. This ensures our formulations are as pure and effective as possible, nurturing your skin with the highest-quality, essential ingredients.

Our Signature Products:

At Skin Frequency, we believe in the power of nature coupled with scientific innovation. Each product is a testament to our commitment to holistic skin care that also delivers tangible results. We invite you to experience the harmonious blend of nature and science, and let your skin thrive in its natural frequency.

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Honouring Your Skin's Wisdom

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